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Digital Marketing with your Best Interest at Heart

If grand offices and extravagant overheads define your ideal marketing agency, we might not align with your expectations. But if you’re seeking a partner where your marketing dollars stretch further, achieving performance on par with the giants, then we’re in sync. Our commitment lies in efficiency, honesty, and delivering high-impact results without the unnecessary overhead. We prioritize your success, ensuring that our strategies elevate your brand to compete with the best, all while maintaining a lean approach to expenses.

Our Founders

Brian Jeffries

Brian has over 20 years of experience in the digital marketing and advertising space. He has been lucky enough to be part of a large agency team managing accounts to the like of Verizon as well as a Senior Director of Ecommerce managing small and large scale agencies. The experience he has gained working on both sides of the table helped shape the strategies we provide at Strat88.

Drew Ruiz

Drew has spent the better part of 20 years pursuing a career in photography & video production. He’s had the privelege of working with large media outlets and large brands, and ever had the chance to shoot the Sochi Olympics, now we spends hit time building Strat88 into world-class agency.

Our Values

Strategy Leads, Success Follows

Strat88 is grounded in the conviction that meticulous strategy is the cornerstone of marketing success. We meticulously align our actions with our clients’ objectives, ensuring long-term achievements through strategic foresight and innovation.

Earned Trust, Earned Business

At Strat88, we believe that trust is the bedrock of meaningful partnerships, earned through transparency and consistent delivery on our promises. This foundational trust fosters lasting relationships and sets the stage for mutual success.

Profit for Growth

Profitability at Strat88 is seen as a vehicle for continuous improvement and expansion, enabling us to invest in cutting-edge solutions and superior service for our clients. Our financial strategy is designed to fuel growth, innovation, and client success.

Modern Tactics, Enduring Principles

Strat88 merges the latest in digital marketing tactics with the timeless principles of connection and communication, ensuring that our campaigns are both innovative and deeply resonant. Our approach is to stay at the forefront of marketing evolution while honoring the enduring truths of our craft.

Clear Communication, Clear Pathways

Clear, transparent communication is key at Strat88, facilitating seamless collaboration and ensuring that every strategy is understood and effectively implemented. This clarity drives success, creating straightforward pathways to achieving our clients’ marketing goals.

Why work with us?

We’re just going to be honest (it’s how we like to operate), we know there are a lot of digital marketing agencies out there, mostly offering the same services. Our goal is to find clients that value what we value… transparency, efficiency, and ultimately profitability for you and for us.

Why you’ll love working with us:

● Clear & Constant Communication through regular check-ins
● Performance reporting with an emphasis on your company’s KPI’s
● Flexible pricing models that suit your business
● A strong desire to find new growth opportunities

The team at Strat88 have been instrumental in the growth of KC. I appreciate their work ethic, accountability and overall integrity when working on vast and complex projects. I know I can trust them to provide me the best in class domain expertise when I need it the most. We have been working together for half a decade and love the work that they produce in every aspect. Highly recommended.

Andy Wang, Head of Growth @ KC HiLites

Working with Strat88 has helped grow our business tremendously. They really seek to understand our goals and are efficient at building out proper strategies to achieve those goals within our business’s parameters. They are conscientious as to how best to utilize ad spend. They have been a major asset to the expansion of Old Mill Brick.

Ethan Stevenson, Marketing Manger @ Old Mill Brick

Strat88 helps e-commerce businesses achieve profitable & sustainable growth with proven strategies utilizing digital acquisition & retention channels.

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