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Navigate the market with confidence. We leverage in-depth analysis and targeted campaigns to connect your brand with its audience, guiding you to measurable success.

Driving Success in the Off-Road Market

At Strat88, we understand the terrain of the off-road automotive industry. Our strategic Paid Media campaigns are designed to navigate the competitive landscape, ensuring your brand outshines the rest.

Understanding Your Audience
Full-Funnel Strategy
Messaging & Creative

Understanding the off-road market for us is rooted in real experience, both in leading successful Paid Media campaigns and living the off-road lifestyle. With decades of personal enthusiasm for off-roading and a proven track record in the industry, we grasp what truly resonates with enthusiasts. This dual perspective allows us to craft ad strategies that genuinely connect with and excite your audience. We translate our deep knowledge of off-road adventures and products into impactful campaigns that not only capture attention but drive meaningful engagement and results for your brand.

In the off-road industry, where products carry higher price points and are purchased less frequently, a strategic, full-funnel approach to advertising isn’t just beneficial—it’s crucial. We understand the importance of guiding potential customers through every stage of their journey, from the initial spark of discovery to the final decision to purchase. Our ad strategies are meticulously crafted to engage customers at each phase, ensuring they receive the right message at the right time. By weaving a narrative that builds trust and demonstrates value, we create a seamless pathway for customers to move from curiosity about your brand to conviction in their purchase decisions. This comprehensive approach ensures we’re not just capturing interest but nurturing it towards meaningful conversions, making every ad dollar count.

In the off-road market, we leverage the power of purpose-built creative content, carefully tailored to each stage of the customer journey, to maximize impact and efficiency. From sparking curiosity with engaging brand stories at the top of the funnel to highlighting product features and benefits for informed decision-making, our content strategy evolves to meet the audience’s needs. At the conversion stage, our focus sharpens on compelling calls to action. Integral to our approach is utilizing real-customer and influencer content, which injects authenticity and leverages built-in trust to strengthen the connection between your brand and the end user. This method ensures our creatives not only grab attention but also build a community around your brand, driving conversions through a blend of strategic storytelling and genuine engagement.

Our Values in Action: KC HiLites Case Study

For KC HiLites, a leader in the off-road lighting industry, our tailored paid media campaign illuminated the path to unprecedented success. By refining our targeting strategies and optimizing ad placements, we significantly enhanced return on ad spend, marking a remarkable year-over-year growth in efficiency and profitability. The campaign not only reduced the cost associated with acquiring new customers but also maximized ad spend to deliver substantial profit, showcasing our commitment to driving real, measurable results for our clients. Through strategic innovation and data-driven insights, we turned challenges into opportunities, casting a spotlight on KC HiLites’ superior products and propelling them further as luminaries in their sector.

The Highlights

In-Platform ROAS

+28% year over year


Decrease in Cost per Purchase

year over year

Services for Off-Road Automotive Brands

Our services for off-road automotive brands encompass Growth Marketing Strategy, where we blend analytics and creativity to drive your business goals; Paid Media Advertising, offering optimized solutions for maximum ad efficiency across platforms; and Email/SMS Automation, key for nurturing and expanding your customer base. This strategic suite ensures your brand not only competes but thrives in the off-road market.

Growth Marketing Strategy

Our Growth Marketing Strategy service blends data-driven insights with innovative creativity to chart a path for your brand’s growth and success in the off-road automotive market. Tailored to meet your specific objectives, we ensure every strategy is poised for impact and sustainability.

Paid Media Advertising

Our paid media advertising management service offers comprehensive and tailored solutions to optimize ad spend and achieve your advertising objectives across multiple platforms.

Email/SMS Automation

Email and SMS automation are key foundational elements to the growth and retention of your current customer base.

Growth Marketing Strategy

Our growth marketing experts use a blend of data analysis and creative thinking to develop personalized strategies to deliver the results your business is looking for.

Paid Media Advertising

Our paid media advertising management service offers comprehensive and tailored solutions to optimize ad spend and achieve your advertising objectives across multiple platforms.

Email/SMS Automation

Email and SMS automation are key foundational elements to the growth and retention of your current customer base.

Why work with us?

We’re just going to be honest (it’s how we like to operate), we know there are a lot of digital marketing agencies out there, mostly offering the same services. Our goal is to find clients that value what we value… transparency, efficiency, and ultimately profitability for you and for us.

Why you’ll love working with us:

● Clear & Constant Communication through regular check-ins
● Performance reporting with an emphasis on your company’s KPI’s
● Flexible pricing models that suit your business
● A strong desire to find new growth opportunities

The team at Strat88 have been instrumental in the growth of KC. I appreciate their work ethic, accountability and overall integrity when working on vast and complex projects. I know I can trust them to provide me the best in class domain expertise when I need it the most. We have been working together for half a decade and love the work that they produce in every aspect. Highly recommended.

Andy Wang, Head of Growth @ KC HiLites

Working with Strat88 has helped grow our business tremendously. They really seek to understand our goals and are efficient at building out proper strategies to achieve those goals within our business’s parameters. They are conscientious as to how best to utilize ad spend. They have been a major asset to the expansion of Old Mill Brick.

Ethan Stevenson, Marketing Manger @ Old Mill Brick

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